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Welcome to my Management Training and Personal Development programme.

This is training with a difference. An interactive programme displaying the tools necessary to you, and how to use them to reach your goals regardless of the circumstances you are faced with, both in the workplace and in your personal life. We will learn, discuss and have fun. Let me take you on a positive journey of discovery.

“It is not what happens to you in life that matters. Its what you do about it that makes the difference.”

I am the first and only woman in history of Saudi Arabia to hold a uniquely privileged position working within a Saudi male team. I produced and conducted management, leadership, Personal Development and Empowerment packages globally for 23 years.

I negotiated the release of female prisoners from Saudi prisons.
Evacuated Saudi soldiers during the Gulf war.
Recruiting, training and managing while working alongside a company CEO to set up a fledgling Scottish airline.
Recruiting, training and managing staff at a Scottish Bakery with 13 shops and tearooms resulting in increased profits!
Produced and trained communication packages over one year to the Ayrshire Hospice.
I am a published Author. My book is a a true story of Self Help and Empowerment.

All levels of individuals would benefit from the training as the packages are generic and designed specifically for the audience that day. Depending on your choice or combination of packages, the training range from 1 to 5 days.


For more information on training please contact me in the first instance by using the contact form below, email :, or by phone. ( number given below )



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